Modifications to 2001 Ford Mustang SVT Cobra

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    Default Modifications to 2001 Ford Mustang SVT Cobra

    Hi All;
    I have a 2001 Ford Mustang SVT Cobra. I am the original owner. It is in original condition with 22,500 miles on it. I have decided itís time to do some modifications to it.
    I have done some research into it and my initial thoughts are to install a KenneBell Supercharger on it, new Headers & Exhaust System, some tweaking to the original suspension, and new Rims & Tires.
    In regards to installing the KenneBell Supercharger on the original Block, I have seen two schools of thought about this in various Forums.
    The first is that the KenneBell Supercharger is a very good fit for this engine, bolts right on and doesnít take up as much room under the hood as other Superchargers would. It also will not be to much for the original Block, and should be fine for normal driving. I donít drive this everyday and I donít drive it exceptionally hard.
    The other school of thought is that the original Block wonít handle the additional strain and there is a good chance Iíll blow the engine after doing all this work.
    Iím looking for some input whether I should modify the existing engine or just spend a little more up front & replace the engine to avoid having to do it 6 months down the road after it blows.
    That aside, Iím also looking for some suggestions on what modifications you suggest for the suspension, as well as what rims & tires you recommend. I want larger tires on the rear for sure.
    Thanks in advance

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    How much do you plan to invest? Sell your running engine and buy good secondhand Terminator engine from Parts Farm or Midway Mustangs or similar.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FinnCobra View Post
    How much do you plan to invest? Sell your running engine and buy good secondhand Terminator engine from Parts Farm or Midway Mustangs or similar.
    Right now Iím looking at installing a Vortech Supercharger on the original engine. They have a complete kit for a 2001 Ford 4.6 Mustang Cobra. I spoke with them and they said this setup would be fine on the original engine. The Supercharger Cost is around $5,000. A Fuel Management Unit like a T-Rex fuel pump will also be needed. I will be adding new full length Headers and a high performance cat-back exhaust system at the same time. With only 22,500 miles on the engine, which I have owned & maintained since I bought it new in 2001, I think I want to go with the option of modifying the existing engine rather than replacing it. I have talked with reps at both Vortech & Kenne Bell and they say this modification will work fine on the original engine.

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    Don't use fuel management devices. Get bigger injectors, for example GT500 with adapters, bigger fuel pump 300-340 lph, and then tune. Easier to tune this way, and better results.

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