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    Just here to explore the possibilities of a Mod swap into my 66 Galaxie. Thinking about an InTech DOHC 5.4L and a 5 speed. Will be looking for information and advice along the way.

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    '66 model year Galaxie's are big and heavy cars. Even at the 5.4 displacement level a n/a Modmotor is short on torque and torque is what makes all cars and especially big and heavy cars move. You might want to look at a supercharged version of the engine or a larger displacement FE or 385 series engine in the 460 inch or larger displacement.


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    My Galaxie is lighter than a late model Crown Vic... By at least a few hundred pounds. It's probably lighter than a Mark VIII.. And 4.6s seem to move them pretty well.

    I am not building a race car or even a high powered street car.. Just a comfortable capable cruiser. I plan on my car being a daily (April-October) driver and I want a more modern drivertrain that can accept modifications later down the line if I am so inclined.

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