Questions for ATI Dampener Users

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    Default Questions for ATI Dampener Users

    Hi Guys, currently contiplating switching over to a ATi dampener but have a few questions for current owners. Does ATI make a adaptor hub to use Metco style pulleys with their dampener? Do these adaptor hubs bolt on using the three bolts already on the front of the dampener? Part numbers on dampener and hub? Anyone have pics they could share?
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    No one running a ATI dampener?

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    Yes I run an ATI Dampener, Its a badass looking piece, They have them both for Stock Pulley cages and Metco crank pulleys. I'll soon have both LOL. The ATI is a two piece setup, two part numbers, one for the hub that presses on the crank and the other part number is for the Dampener/Pulley. These bolt together using blue locktite, instructions are provided, I don't remember how many bolts hold the hub to the dampener but its way more then 3, pretty sure its 6 bolts, its a very precise tight fit and it aint ever comin off.

    Damper pn: 918044 6.78" 5.5 lbs ALUM Hub pn: 916584 Steel

    I'm pretty sure this is the pn 918036 for the Damper that uses the Metco pulley.

    15 minutes later, Geez aren't you kids suppose to be google search masters?
    Go to this link,
    Scroll down to where it says "Ford Serpentine Dampers" the very first number next to where it says 96-04 Mustang GT & Cobra is pn: 918036 and it has the little red "6" after it. if you scroll down a little more you will see on line #6 that its says its the damper that uses the Metco pulley setup.

    Ok Good luck buddy, for the Money you can't go wrong with an ATI damper, Ive had BHJ and thats also a good damper. ATI makes some of the finest parts in the industry that are ran on some of the fastest cars in the world.

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