2008 roush stage 3

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    Default 2008 roush stage 3

    how can i get more power out of my roush has ford motorsports supercharger krooks headers krooks cats.

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    More air, more fuel to match the increased air and more engine speed.

    The Roush supercharger is based on a 2.3L Eaton TVS. Going to a larger blower (a 2.9L Whipple or a 2.65L VMP TVS) will give you more air. You'll need a new tune, bigger throttle, more fuel pump capacity, larger injectors and yes, increased engine speed. The increased engine speed will come from better cam profiles and better valve springs. You might also need better ignition to light the cylinders at the higher boost and engine speeds.

    You will probably be in the tank for about $10K maybe a little more depending on the pricing you find.

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