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    Default pcm to distributor mod

    Have seen plenty of people swapping to a distributor for the 32v engine and driving it off the pax side exh cam. Is anybody making a kit or have some info on doing this. I assume it uses a crank trigger and msd 6al or 7al. I know MMR sells the belt drive setup but thats a lotta moola when people are doing it the other way.

    i hate a d(&^ pc and would rather read plugs!

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    Before we had IGN-1A and/or similar coils along with ECU's that could drive them, there was some advantage to the retro ignition distributor style conversions. Today's high energy coils, coil on or near plug technology and the ECU's capable of driving them make the retro ignition distributor conversion not only expensive but puts them squarely into a distant second place finish in terms of spark energy, duration and engine performance.

    That said if you have your heart set on that type of ignition you can always hand fabricate one or pick up one of the remaining few (and shrinking) conversions available like the MMR unit. I think you would be better off with an aftermarket ECU and one of the high energy coil variants available today.


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    I presently run a BS3 w LS1 coils on my NA street, mostly strip car. lots of capability that I don't need, even e85 and methanol but its a complete pain in the ass if you are not a tuner! The only reputable tuner near me and we are talking an nmra racer with years of experience( he is old and grey like me ) is over six hours away. Standalones are great but the difference in power they make on an NA engine is negligible, if I were using any type of forced induction I would stay with a standalone just for the ability to build a safe tune that wont explode the motor.
    Probably going to try to make something similar to the MMR setup with a belt drive, if not I will put it in the valve cover llike most people. The MMR setup appears to locate it close to where the hyd pump was and that's not good for me due to coolant lines etc. may try to mount it around where the hydraulic reservoir was and then belt drive like mmr. Anyway, already have a mandrel, know where to find belts, looking for light plastic pulleys, like the pulleys James Monroe sells in his toilet kits.
    preciate your opinion ed but for me...I would rather shut down going thru the traps and read the plugs in the pits, I know where to go from there! If I had any sense I would part these Herefords out and go

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    IIRC, before MMR came out with the current belt setup, a couple of years ago you could send them your valve cover and they would modify and weld on the dizzy pad. I might be wrong and that might have been someoene esle. Also you could get a modified Ford dizzy as well. You might call and see if they have old or left over inventory.

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