2016 Force Induction setups easiest to install.

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    Default 2016 Force Induction setups easiest to install.

    I recently purchased a 2016 gt vert with an MT82. I'm looking to purchase either turbo,tvs or centerfugal type SC. Need help in deciding which direction to go in based on ease of installation. Honestly I know they all make good power but I'm looking at this from an ease of installation. I'm going to be doing the install in my garage with no lift just basic wrenches, sockets, breaker bars etc. No air tools or welding equipment. What's the easiest option to install? The car is a vert so won't get hardly any track use. Just street use.
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    Probably the easiest route would be one of Whipple's Coyote kits. They package a blower, intake manifold, intercooler, plumbing etc into one nicely configured kit. Here is a pic of the assembled package not yet installed on an engine;

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    You can pick the color you prefer for your particular setup. Once installed in the car the plumbing looks very clean and has that finished Detroit OEM appearance / visual feel. Here is an example of what I mean;

    Name:  453_368_Enclosed_airbox_800_2.jpg
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    Very nice fit an finish throughout the package and of course a nice boost in power everywhere.

    The thing I would be cautious about with the engine you have is connecting rods and pistons. You might want to upgrade those depending on how high a HP/TQ target you are aiming at.

    Here is a link to their Stage 1 package =>. Stage 1 Kit


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