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    Default Coyote throttle body

    Are all Coyote throttle bodies "drive by wire"? Looking to put a Coyote intake on my 02 Navigator 5.4 DOHC (using an MMR adapter kit) and would like to use a cable operated TB.

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    To my knowledge all OEM (and therefore probably aftermarket) Coyote TBs are DBW.


    p.s. you are going to need a Coyote ECU to run the engine. All the Coyote ECU's have DBW built in. Should present no problem for you.
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    An 02 Navigator 5.4L DOHC with a Coyote intake will require a Coyote ECM? I do not have VVT or any of the other features the Coyote generation has over the early 32V engines... The intake swap is primarily for hood clearance.

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    You are correct. A little mental dyslexia here. I somehow, incorrectly, drew the inference you were using a Coyote engine. You are not. That does not alter the lack of availability of a non DBW TB for a Coyote manifold.


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