What compression ratio for 03 Marauder with 2010 GT500 blower?

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    Default What compression ratio for 03 Marauder with 2010 GT500 blower?

    I gotta buy forged pistons and rods soon and need to decide on the compression ratio.Have researched other builds and they seem to be 8.5-9.5 CR with a positive displacement blower but what criteria make 8.5 better than 9.5 or vice versa? Fuel type? Would like to use 91 octane fuel because it is easy to get in my area. Hope to reuse stock crank with aftermarket rods and pistons then get it balanced. Engine has 112000miles and is spotless inside. No cylinder wear that I can detect but I will measure again after I disassemble short block and bolt heads back on. Would like to get a reliable 450rwhp

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    No more than 9:1 with 91 octane fuel.


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    Thank you Ed I will take that advice

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