Mark VIII Engine Overheat and Head Gasket

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    Default Mark VIII Engine Overheat and Head Gasket

    I found a pristine 42K mile 1996 Mark VIII Mystic, bought it, and 18 year old my son has been driving for the last year. Paint, Interior, etc are in PERFECT condition. Really beautiful car (coming from someone who bought a new '96 GT and was drooling over the DOHC in that car and the Cobra....)

    Car sat a long time and now it's biting us for not doing a better drop pulling it out of moth balls. Head gasket has blown and hydrocarbons were found in the coolant, but no water in the oil (fingers crossed).

    His repair shop went ultra conservative and quoted him north of $5K assuming worst case were both block and heads were warped/ damaged and both would need to be dissassembled and made flat again. The head gasket set will cost me something like $160. I've rebuilt my share of Japanese/German engines years ago, but have not pulled apart a modular engine (other than changing the Intake Manifold when it split open per the "recall" letter... that was very easy..)

    Anyone willing to bet if I'll find a warped or damaged set of heads or Aluminum Block?

    There are no collectors out there looking for Mark VIII where a non-running car is worth anything, so I'm stuck. The car can be started and demonstrated that all other systems work well. If I pull it apart and find damaged heads/block, the car is not worth (to us) the time and expense for rebuild (might as well if you have to pull it apart anyhow). I did briefly see a wrecked Marauder for sale on Craigs with 80K on the engine, but who knows it condition.

    Can I get REALLY lucky and just need to clean the surfaces, change head gaskets, and reassemble or it that a lofty dream?



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    there's only one way to know for sure if it's warped. take it apart. or at least just take the heads off and have them checked. Dealing with antiques they are not worth paying somebody else to do work. You will never get the money back. DIY is the way to go. It may only need a head gasket.

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