Hi All,

I used to have a '96 GT so used to haunt these forums all the time, but now I need expertise on the trans for my current ride, a 2004 Thunderbird. This has the 5R55S 5-speed auto with manual shift function. The car has just north of 50K miles on it. It has the "permanently lubed" "Feature" so no dipstick. I understand a very similar model of this trans was used in the 2005 GT?

Anyhow, car was acting like low fluid (no leaks or marks under car). If parked on slope, sometimes did not want to shift into reverse, sometimes late shift on 2nd to 3rd so theres a huge jerk (when cold), and would sometimes clunk when put in reverse when cold. Also, the manual shift mode was very very slow to respond so I never used it. Otherwise it drive fine.

Suspecting my oil level was low, I just changed oil and filter. I filled up to top of stand pipe, then started up car and with foot in brake, ran through all the gears. I topped up the oi level after doing this, and went for a ride in the twisties.. and it was FANTASTIC.. manual shifter worked well with fast shifts so it was actually useful.

Was really happy.. then my wife stole the car for the last two weeks. She told me it was "clunking" again.. so I test drove it.. now the manual shift mode won't work at all from second to third.

Any ideas? I'm getting a code reader this weekend.