Hi everyone, I realize that there are very few users these days on this board but figured I'd post a question anyway. By the way, I've been on the forum since 2007 but haven't been very active in several years. My 3V swap project is underway so I am on the forums a bit more lately to read and learn.

In this photo of a power steering pump is the fitting for the return line (low pressure line) a press fit or threaded? It's the fitting circled in red. This is a photo I found online but looks very similar to my pump from a 2001 mustang GT. I also have a 2005 pump and the fitting on the 2005 is a 90 degree bend and it's a press fit. I might need to swap this fitting since the return hose is crimped against the frame rail. If it's a press fit then I can rotate it, but if threaded i don't want to rotate it and loosen the seal. A 90 degree bend like the 2005 pump would work best for me. Any info you guys can share? Thanks.
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