#5 full flange thrust bearing question

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    Default #5 full flange thrust bearing question

    Putting the motor together and ordered a set of each King MB5281SI and King MB5219SI

    Am I suppose to use both the upper and lower #5 flange bearing from the 5219 set, or just the upper from 5219 and the lower from the 5281?

    I noticed the one lower from the 5219 set has the tang on the wrong side and wasn't sure if i need to grind a small notch for the tang or use the 5281 lower which has the tang in the correct spot.
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    Just use the #5 upper from the 5219 set to replace the #5 erector set upper in the 5281 set. Do not, repeat, do not use the #5 lower or for that matter any other bearing out of the 5219 set — they are all throw aways sadly.


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