4r70w tuning from auto VB to FMVB

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    Default 4r70w tuning from auto VB to FMVB

    Hi! My car have a 4r70w with j-mod VB and tuning the car with sct prp. I'm about to install a full manual valve body with transbrake. I'm wondering what i have to change in my tune. Sct say to turn the trans type switch and trans pressure switch to zero for non-electronic auto transmission.

    I'm wondering if i will keep idle tuning capabilities for neutral and in drive ? I guess that back up light switch and neutral safety switch for start-up will still work as long as the lever sensor is still hooked up ?

    Any info or tips is appreciated.


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    I have a separate controller for my 4r70w, I programmed the ECU for manual trans type. I have a 3000 stall converter so I never had an issue with Idle in drive or neutral

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    I got the car running with the new full manual VB. Even with auto trans turned off in the tune just like you would do for a manual trans swap, the computer will still recognized when the car is in neutral and when it's in drive and i can tune my idle for neutral and for drive just like my full-auto VB. Back-up lights and neutral safety switch still work like it should with no modification.

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