HPTuner calibrate MAF

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    Default HPTuner calibrate MAF

    do anyone have a link for a guide?

    I think I could figure it out, but better to have a howto and save time.

    Ive install an Edelbrock 1580 and use the SCT Tune....runs horrable...

    Transient in lower RPM up to 17:1 and WOT by 10:1. closed loop 14.7:1 by holding pedal.

    Think the problem is the MAF. Lambda table is ok.

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    Have you tried HPTuners?


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    of course...
    The old ecm from ford isnt that complicated.
    so I wonder why there is no guide.
    Fuel Trims vs Maf should work.

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    There is something I am missing here. The perception of complexity is certainly a personal evaluation and opinion that everybody is entitled to. What is perceived as not that complicated for some can be perceived as complex for someone else. If I accept your assessment of the Ford ECU as not being that complicated, it begs the question, why is it that a guide would be required and moreover why would anyone invest the time to prepare such a guide for something that is well, not that complicated?

    Additionally you seem to have found a new table in the Ford strategy you are using. Which ECU strategy are you using and where did you find a fuel trims vs MAF table in that strategy?

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    spanish oak 1024.

    for my understanding there is only the failed MAF table and the MAF Voltage. the Injectors are already configurated.

    i figured out the last days my Camaro e38 and it feels very smooth now.

    the next days I try my luck on the Mustang.

    VCM Scanner with a MAF vs fuel trims should do this for closed loop. I already have installed a WB, but want do this both ways with NB and WB.

    Its a long process to learn tuning, but I ve got the time....

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    Sounds like you are all set, then.

    BTW Spanish OaK 1024 is not a Ford Strategy. It is a hardware platform.

    I am still interested in where you found a Fuel Trims vs MAF table in the Ford code?


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    there is no such table in hptuners
    I just log maf volt vs stft in vcm scanner.
    works fine, just set it at 14.6 in closed loop.
    the transient table is more tricky...i think i must use the wb for it.

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