MMR's 5.0 head cooling mod (455478) for the 2011-2017's

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    Default MMR's 5.0 head cooling mod (455478) for the 2011-2017's

    Anybody familiar with, or purchased this part from MMR? It's supposed to keep coolant flow around #8 cylinder. I'm doing a swap on a 49' ford f1 and space is tight. This looks like it would help in keeping things nice and cool. Any experiences or opinion about this part would be appreciated. Thx.

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    Head cooling mods have swung in and out of favor with enthusiasts. Originally in the early Terminator days they were considered absolutely necessary. Later not so much. Then another upsurge in enthusiasm followed by a lack of enthusiasm for them.

    Bottom line is Ford does some very extensive coolant flow and head / block cooling studies before putting an engine out into service and then offering a warranty for what ever distance or period of time they do. They are putting their money where their mouth is with the warranty. When you modify this cooling system you take it to a state of operation that Ford did not feel comfortable providing a warranty for.

    This would fall into the buyer beware and proceed at your own risk category. Sooooo, my advice to you would be, buyer beware and proceed at your own risk.


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