ABS/Emergency Cable Bracket (Relocation? Delete?)

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    Default ABS/Emergency Cable Bracket (Relocation? Delete?)

    I just swapped out my BBK solid control arms for a set of Wild Rides single-adjustable control arms (without sway bar mounting tabs). I opted to go with an anti-roll bar to replace the factory-type sway bar setup, and thus never thought twice about needing the tabs. In doing so, I am now realizing that I have both my ABS cable & emergency brake cables hanging loose parallel to the control arm and at extreme-risk of rubbing the tire, because there is no spot to re-bolt the ABS/E-brake bracket back to the control arm.

    What do I do to "correct" this issue? Do I weld that bracket to the side of the control arm? Do I use a heavy-duty zip-tie to fasten the bracket to the control arm, and thus pull those cables back away from the tire?

    I can't imagine I'm the first person to have ever run into this issue... (BTW, I called Wild Rides and asked them, and they advised me that literally NOBODY has ever called them back with this issue, so there must be a fix somehow.)

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    Pioneered my own solution... a T-bolt clamp to serve as a bracket mounting location on the control arm itself... using the T-bolt itself as the bolt to fasten the bracket (once securely clamped of course).

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