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    The injectors will be changed I just have not done that yet as I am still deciding on the FIC1200/FID1300 which are half the price of the 2200 you posted. The 2200 are not too big? I am trying to just get the car started so that I can move it away from the lift. My main questions was my FPR is set for 50psi so I changed "Static/Target Rail Diff Pressure" from 40psi to 50psi (still 40psi in this pic).
    The 2200's are not too big, Josh. Generally speaking the three metrics you want to try to satisfy with injector selection are;

    ● Adequate fuel flow
    ● Good idle characteristics
    ● Max injector duty cycle << 80%

    If you stay inside the FIC injector offerings the one I would look at is their Denso based FIC 2000. It is has stainless internal construction, good idle qualities on E-85 and even at a 39 or 40 psi base pressure has excellent head room for future growth. Best of all it is the same price as the FIC 1200/1300 alternatives.

    In general the lower the fuel pressure you can get the fuel system to operate at the easier it is on your fuel system components and the higher quality the idle characteristics of the particular injector will be. Higher pressures require the injectors to operate at progressively lower pulse widths to properly fuel the engine at idle. Low pulse width performance is where most injectors get squirely in terms of consistent flow characteristics.

    The lower Ford OEM base pressure of 39.15 psi moves the idle pulse width up the injector's operating pulse width ramp into a happier place and your idle and low speed performance will benefit. With a sufficiently large flow capacity even at the reduced base fuel system pressure you will still have more than adequate head room for today's engine and almost anywhere you plan to go in the future. Another benefit is you will run the injectors an a much lower duty cycle and also a much lower temperature. High temperatures are not our friends when it comes to electromechanical devices, even when they have stainless internals.

    As a closing data point AJ runs pure methanol so his fuel system has an even higher fuel volume demand than E-85. We modified his intake manifold to use two 2200 cc injectors per port that are on all the time, they are not staged. Max duty cycle at WOT is ~60% and the car idles smooth as silk at essentially 1000 rpm. I believe AJ has idled it as low as 850 rpm or so on those dual 2200 cc units.

    The beauty of the bigger injector at low duty cycles is your available head room for growth without yet another injector purchase and also the TLC they give to the rest of the fuel system at a 40 psi base system pressure.

    Quote Originally Posted by GodStang View Post
    I went all through the startup/idle tab and could not find where I found last week to set idle. I of course printed out the Ultimate Manual and left in my Explorer to take to shop and ended up taking my wife's car to the shop and forgot to grab it. I will be back at it Saturday.

    It's called getting old, Josh! Welcome to the Over the Hill Gang . You will be going to that 'Oh Rats, I forgot', place more frequently now. Advancing years uses more paper notes ...

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