Twin 6466 precision information

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    Default Twin 6466 precision information

    In some older threads I've seen guys running this turbo. But I'd like some information on spool times verses the 6266 PTE turbos and what kinda power people are making on these turbos on a 4.6 DOHC engine.


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    You should make a call to Precision, they have extensive engineering data on both units.

    Some of their published data indicates that the 6266 units are rated for up to 735 hp per turbo. The 6466 units are rated for up to 900 hp per turbo. The more power them greater the air mass flow required. The greater the air mass flow the greater the exhaust energy required to drive the compressor and assuming no increase in exhaust energy or a proportional increase you will have smaller turbos spooling faster and larger turbos spooling slower. Increase the exhaust energy in the hot side and tiurbo spooling occurs faster.

    Your best source of design operating principles and compressor behavior is going to be the manufacturer.


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