Copper spray on head gaskets

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    Default Copper spray on head gaskets

    I'm yanking the heads off my 13k mile cobra to replace with some Livernois Stage 3 heads, and Felpro OEM type replacement head gaskets (#26187/26222PT) and ARP Proseries studs.

    The last time I've had the heads off I just installed the gaskets dry no issues, but the Livernois includes install instructions for their heads that recommends copper spray on the gaskets. I respect Livernois so I was planning to run the copper spray but was wonder if there is any downside to it? I've never used it before so any tips/suggestions is appreciated.

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    Either Copper Coat or Gasket-Cinch will do no harm and help improve the seal.


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    Fel-Pro recommends installing dry. FWIW, I've made over 35psi and 1350whp on those identical gaskets with no issue and always installed dry.

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    Tony is correct about Turbo engines. They can see higher boost numbers than PPD blown cars yet exhibit better gasket life. The reason is that the higher boost numbers, they are capable of, typically occurs at elevated engine speeds so that the ΔT or soak time for the gasket edge to be exposed to the high pressures of combustion is reduced by the higher engine speeds. The less time a gasket is exposed to the high cylinder pressures the easier it is for the gasket to properly seal. Viewed another way the longer a gasket is exposed to high cylinder pressures the shorter its service life.

    On a PD blown engine the gaskets see max boost virtually instantly and at low engine speeds. This produces an extended time window where the gasket is exposed to and expected to seal very high cylinder pressures. Thes types of operating environments will induce gasket failures at surprisingly low boost levels because the dwell times for these gaskets, even at the lower boost cylinder pressures exceeds the gaskets sealing capability.

    If you run turbos your head gasket service life will be better than if you run any of the PD blowers. Try not to use silly torque specs for your head studs. ARP 2000 studs are preferable to ARP 8740 studs. If you use ARP 2000 studs you should be aware that you can tighten them enough to crack an Aluminator block. A good place to stop torque-wise is 90 to 95 ft/lbs max. Mihovits used to promote 85 ft/lbs max. I am not sure what his current recommendation is today.

    If you pull the engine down in the midrange under boost (short shift to control a wheel stand?), it doesn't matter if you use turbos or a PD blower you will work the head gaskets very hard. If you work them hard enough, long enough, they will fail, and it doesn't matter which type of blower you are using. Although it should go without saying, do not detonate the engine. The shockwaves from a detonation event are way over the top, pressure-wise. If it happens at a low to intermediate engine speed physical damage to more than just head gaskets is a very real potential outcome.

    Treat the engine nice and it will treat your wallet nice. Abuse it and you will need to hang on because your are going for an expensive ride.

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