Oil in the spark plug wells.

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    Default Oil in the spark plug wells.

    Hi, I recently started a 2003 cobra motor that hasn't been started in over 3 years. I had recently put in new plugs, and oil and didn't see any oil then.
    I ran it on and off for about 45 min total, not much above idle to start tuning, and when i went to check the plugs I found fresh oil in the spark plug wells of 1,2 5,and 6. It appeared to be above the plugs sealed by the cop, I assume there is some gasket in the plug tube attached to the valve cover but didn't have a chance to take it apart last night.
    I tried the valve cover bolts and found one that was maybe a few ftlb short but the others seemed snug.
    Have you guys had that happen before?
    Is the fix a little sealant, or new gaskets, or clean and retorq?

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    I had it happen to me recently, I pulled the cover and put a new gasket and new tube seals on it. I also used the permatex indian head gasket compound on the valve cover side and some rtv on the cylinder head side. I smeared the rtv down with my finger, to make it kind of like a film, you don't want a lot on there.

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    OK thx, ill pull the DS one for now and see what i have to order. pulling the PS one will require the TB and elbow to come off requiring even more gaskets to order.
    Anyone ever have an issue just using a very thin layer of like permatex Grey on the elbow/TB? I am injecting water/meth so looks like the Black is more resistant to that.

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    If your careful you can just reuse the original gasket.
    I’ve had mine apart over half a dozen times and I’m still on the original throttle body gasket and original elbow to blower gasket

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