Rebuilding a salvaged 2008 Shelby GT500

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    Default Rebuilding a salvaged 2008 Shelby GT500

    I'm the new owner of a salvaged/rebuilt 2008 Shelby GT500 (before pic included) with 49k miles, and it's had some not-so-great work done on it by previous repair shops. So, now I want to do it right. It's got some decent mods on it to include a JLT Carbon Fiber Big Air CAI, Bama X4 Tuner, BBK Performance Twin 65mm Throttle Body, 2.6in Supercharger pully with auxillary idler, Kooks headers and X-pipe, and Flowmaster mufflers. I have no idea what it's HP rating is, and it's got some issues right now running lean.

    The first issue I'm fixing is the headers install. The Kooks are rubbing up against the lower control arm bushing housing and it's going to wear a hole in the headers on both sides. The headers are also rubbing right up against the steering shaft making the steering stiffer and wearing on the headers too. I'm not sure if it's related to the wreck, but have any of you had fitment issues with Kooks headers on the GT500s? Thanks for your help.

    Here's a before and after pic of what it looks like so far.
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    Nice job, Brian! The finished car looks like it was never hit.

    Most of the mods to the engine fall into the bolt on category. BAMA tunes, especially with bolt on mods, tend to be iffy at best. I would recommend not using a BAMA tune especially on an engine like this. You should invest in some HP-Tuner's software and have it properly tuned. SCT also has a tuning offering but they tend to be poor on the customer support level and a high priced alternative on the software acquisition process. Most importantly when you call the firms for support matters HP Tuners does not treat you like public enemy #1 and their software has an excellent user interface which always make the job easier.

    I just checked the HP Tuners site and they list support for 05 - 17 Mustangs with 4.6, 5.0, 5.4 and 5.8L engines so they have your year covered with their tuning s/w. Call them up and talk to them.

    The headers and steering column interference issue sounds like left over damage from the collision. I would have a frame shop check the frame for you and if you haven't already. Additionally I would check the motor mounts to see if they suffered any damage. The headers should not hit the steering column.

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    Thanks Ed. I appreciate the pointers. I’ll check out HP Tuners. The BAMA Tuner came with the car and I’ve never used one before.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bvdamart View Post
    Thanks Ed. I appreciate the pointers. Iíll check out HP Tuners. The BAMA Tuner came with the car and Iíve never used one before.
    The BAMA tuners were mostly used to accommodate various external add-ons like CAI or pulley changes, Brian. Their sales pitch was much better than the results most people experienced. For an engine at the level of performance a GT500 is, you should be using real tuning software. The potential for an unhappy ending with BAMA is quite high.

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