New battery, now won’t start!

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    Default New battery, now won’t start!

    Purchased alternator and new battery. Put in new battery and now wont start because i think of the theft feature? When i bought this car (im nursing her back to all of her glory but slowly since I really dont know much about cars but i love her) it came with no fob and a generic key. I hadnt paired the fob yet because car wasnt running. Theft light flashes - goes off when key in ignition for 10 seconds (more or less) but car wont start. All electric things come on.
    Can anyone give me some ideas of what to try next? I dont have very many tools nor much knowledge but i can learn.

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    Passive Anti-Theft System (PATS) the system. If you can’t get it started, you may have to take to the dealer to reprogram the ECU. There area some vendors on ebay that will take your ECU and reprogram it to delete PATS. My tuner programmed out my PATS

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