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    Default turbo methanol 4v pistons

    I am trying to find a set of pistons for a project that will net me 11.5 to 1 static comp for a turbo 4v application on methanol. Looking to spend right around 1k with H13 .225 wall pins and steel top ring, napier second, standard oil ring package included. Does anyone know of a shelf piston that fits the bill, or maybe even a vendor who can get them made? Thanks

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    I worked a deal with Gibtec a umber of years ago to build custom billet pistons with tool steel pins, and TotalSeal rings, your choice of pin locks (spirolox or OEM style circlip) for $1200 in round numbers. I think the price is still under $1,300 today. These pistons are custom billet pistons specifically designed for supercharged Modmotor applications and carry reinforced skirts, crowns, pin bosses etc. Here is a link to the original article with pics and more description, click here => Gibtec Pistons.

    Gibtec will make the pistons in any compression ratio you want, just tell them what c/r you want. This is what an 11:1 piston crown looks like, yours will be visibly indistinguishable.

    Top View:

    Side View:
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    The man you want to ask for at Gibtec is Nick Plantus. When you get Nick tell him you need a set of their pistons in an 11.5:1 compression ratio like he did for the Modular Ford Guys with Ed Schaider. Gibtec's phone # is (303) 243-3340‬ ask for Nick.

    Unlike most piston manufacturers Gibtec makes pistons in 0.001" increments so you don't have to bore a block 0.010" or larger oversize and weaken the already thin OEM liners. If your block has already been bored more than 0.010" you can sleeve it or source a replacement block. The sleeved blocks are stronger and more desirable than another OEM block. If all your block needs is a -.002" oversize Gibtec will make the piston at 0.002" oversize to fit your bore! No need to use up a perfectly good block by unnecessarily over boring it to some standard shelf sized piston.

    BTW if you have a first name we will use it instead of your screen name. If you prefer anonymity then your screen name works also.
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    I second Ed’s post. Hands down the best and when you total up the cost of rings and precision involved, the cheapest!

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