Price has been reduced this one and only time to $22,500.

I am selling my 2012 Kona Blue 5.0 Mustang base model. A true one owner car with title in hand and ready to transfer it over. Adult owned and occasionally taken out on the weekends and it has never seen rain, it sits in the garage and the paint has been corrected so there are no swirls whatsoever in paint. I am looking to pick up a fox body, but no, I am not looking for any trades of any kind, just to sell the car. I am in no hurry to sell, so please do not lowball me.

As I stated the car has very low mileage. It has exactly, 2,664.7 miles. The mileage will most likely not go up much, I might take the car out for a spin and put 30-40 miles on it every month.

The paint is just about perfect, unlike most cars this age, the front bumper will show rock chips, stress lines, or anything of the sort, but the front bumper is flawless, along with the rest of the paint for the entire car. There are a few marks, both on the front quarter panel which I show in the pictures below. They are both self-inflicted and from one of the tool drawer's opening on the front quarter panel about the size of a penny. The other mark I took a picture of it and I can't get it to show in the picture. It is a scrape on the right quarter panel from pulling in the garage, hard to to see unless you're looking really hard for it.

Modifications are only a few, but they include:

-SCT X3 w/(can) BrenSpeed Tune
-Roush Axle Back
-White Hurst Shift Knob

I believe I have a Barton short throw shifter laying around the house somewhere which I will throw in with the purchase.

The car had the airbag recall done earlier this spring. Also, the OEM battery was changed early last year and I keep a battery tender on this one when the car sits in the garage.