4r70 cupholder shifter

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    Default 4r70 cupholder shifter

    I’ve seen a bunch of pictures and have vague information on installing a B&M or hurst style gates shifter in the cupholder location, but wanted to see some more detailed information.

    I used the B&M stock location shifter with mvb racing this past season, and although it worked, I was putting my fist through the console during every shift, and it was too far of a reach.

    The main questions I have, is if it’s a forward or reverse pattern used, front or back exit for the linkage, where the tunnel is being drilled for the cable, if any bracketry is needed to secure the shifter or linkage, and what linkage or rod is being used. Thanks so much for your help!

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    I'm the one who used to make the shifter plates to finish this. Started doing them in early '04 when I swapped my 2003 Cobra to a 4r70w.
    It is a forward pattern shifter since at the time no reverse pattern existed for the 4r transmission.
    If you use the B&M Pro Ratchet shifter like I did and so many others did the cable will exit the front.
    However, I did something different with my because I still wanted a reverse pattern. I turned the B&M shifter 180 degrees backwards. So the gear positions as you would Ratchet the were like this when sitting in the driver seat:
    * Requiring reverse lockout lever to be pulled.
    OD and converter lockup were on separate relays and toggle switches.
    This flipping of the shifter made it easier to route the cable with it exiting towards the back now and it just arched around 180 degrees to the transmission linkage. The cable bracket was a combination of 2 of the brackets they send with the shifter welded together. You just have to mount one of them and play around with the others until you find the right one to use to hold the cable correctly.
    My actual linkage from the cable to the shift arm on the transmission was a few random B&M pieces used for quick connects with shifter cables. It's easier to see what you can do once you have the cable there and are looking at how to connect it. The standard cable that comes with the shifter is all that's needed along with whatever you come up with linkage wise to connect cable to shift arm.
    Find a comfortable spot to locate the shifter to the trans tunnel and bend/bolt whatever you need to to hold the shifter in place. I use 2 mounting holes the shifter has on the passenger side drilled and bolted through the trans tunnel, and I bent of two 1/8" thick steel brackets to bolt and he the driver side of the shifter in place. If you're trying to retain the console in some way you will need to position the shifter to fit inside the hollowed out cuphder location.

    Hope this helps some.
    I'll try and get you some pictures of the brackets and cable linkage, but I just had surgery on my shoulder for a partially torn rotator cuff and a partially torn tendon from the bicep to the shoulder. So I'm not sure how quickly I can get the pics but I'll try and get some soon.


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    Thank you sir, I really appreciate it!

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