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    Default Which Auto Transmission???

    Hi Im a hot rodder down here in New Zealand, which means that I can rock up to the local wreckers and pretty much not find any Modular V8 stuff at all.

    Ford Australia did put the 5.4 engine into their Falcons, and I have three of those engines (260 Boss quad cam engines) and I did pick up a 99 ish 4.6 Cobra engine with the Teksid alloy block. If stuff does come available, I tend to buy it for "just in case", but Im having issues finding the right transmissions. Two of my 260 engines have transmissions and one doesnt and my 4.6 engine doesnt either.

    The Australian 260 Boss engine is an iron block with a quad cam top end on it. It came with a Borg Warner ION 4 speed auto transmission, rather than the 4R70W. Another issue is that the older AODe transmissions wont bolt up.

    Now at one stage (as they were going broke again) English car makers, Rover/MG decided that their Rover 75 sedan wasnt exciting the buyers, so cut a deal with Ford US to get a supply of 4.6 OHC engines and boxes, to lift the car into the "luxury sports sedan" category. Well it still didnt excite the buyers and they did go broke and got bought by the Chinese government. The English spares were sold off, and some ended up down here in the hands of Rover enthusiasts.

    I managed to buy a brand new never been used 4 speed auto off one of them, but have no idea what model it is.

    CAn anyone enlighten me please regarding the transmissions I have, or whether anyone makes adaptors so I can fit another transmission up behind my engines

    One of my complete 5.4 engine & box combo's is fitted into my T modified project, the second one was destined for my 54 F100 project which I recently purchased.

    Thanks in advance for your assistance and your advice

    New Zealand

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    The best place to get what you need / are looking for is the performance aftermarket. ATI and Reid Racing are the two places that can best help you. Here are links to both that will get you going;

    ATI =>http://www.atiracing.com/products/trans/pg/supercase.htm

    Reid Racing Bellhousing=> https://reidracing.biz/bh050

    Reid Racing Powerglide Case => https://reidracing.biz/pg2000

    Reid Racing TH400 Case => https://reidracing.biz/sh400-offdrag

    Both the above offer Bellhousings for TH400 or Powerglide transmissions to adapt to any engine including ModMotors. Both firms have superb reinforced cases for racing for both the Powerglide and also the TH400 transmissions that bolt right up to their bellhousings. You can not go wrong with either supplier they are both top shelf!


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