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Ok...I just had the car out ...roads dried up enough and rain stopped long enough for me to see how all goes and looks.

First thing I noticed was the boost....16 lbs now and holds it all the way up to 6400 rpms! Never moved! Now thats a first..before with the 2.80 and 6 lb lower I was seeing 20 and it would drop to about 16 or 17 up top(depending on how many times I got on the car). The car felt real good through the whole rpm range(trying to rip those 315 Nittos loose through 3 gears). Still have that 112 octane in..but all should be fine with 94 octane with this setup.

Got home...took the kids out of the car :D Rollercoaster rides for them are going to be nothing...

Then I checked the color in the tailpipes....a dark redish brown...not white!! A big plus.....then I took a couple plugs out after these last couple blasts and the color is a medium gray dark tan she is definitely not running lean or too rich(too rich I have!)and feels great all the way up to redline.

This setup should do pretty good I I will not be top dog out there running 112 octane and 20 lbs of boost and all.....I am just getting tired of pushing my car to her limit..she deserves to be tamed down abit and still run just awesome! 1,385 miles now since October. I really didnt buy this car to push her so hard...just got addicted to the whole boost thing

Harry are my current mods...
Front Swaybar removed(back on now for street use)
9 inch Powerstack CAI
CAI cover
3.00 Upper Pulley
4 lb Lower Pulley
16 lbs of Boost all the way to 6400 rpms
Gates Belt (774) (770 will be better if they make it)
NGK TR6 plugs(gapped at .035)
BilletFlow Upper Pulley Wrap Idler
BilletFlow 100mm and 92mm Billet Idler Pullies
Bassani Exhaust(no cats)
Bassani MidLength Headers
Nitto Drags 315-35-17
AutoMeter Boost Gauge
Dump Valve Mod
BilletFlow Throttlebody/Plenum
Steeda Tri-Ax Shifter
Steeda Adj. Clutch Quad/Firewall
Compucar Nitrous System

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Man Harry, I would really have liked for you to dyno that 20lb boost level before you tore her down. OH well! I still bet shes up there in HP/TQ though.....Have fun Brother....

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Harry, did you monitor any temp data to see how/if the higher boost levels having a negative effect?

I hear ya about the kids and rollercoasters, although the cobra isnt as cheap as a trip for 4 to the local amusement park, its sure a heck of a lot funner for me :)
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