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First post and just wanted to thank Rick for his chip and pulley setup and I fugured this was the place to do it. I spoke to Rick before Xmas and ordered one of his special packages - 3.10 DUB Pulley and a single program Diablo chip. With the assistance of another 03 Cobra owner I finally had both installed on saturday. The car goes great, seems to run and idle smoother and has a heap more power. I cant tell what the boost is as the needle hits the 10 and wants to go past but at this stage I couldnt tell you what it might be. I was also able to get into the 12 second club at LACR on sunday, so I'm veryhappy with that, previous best was a 13.2.
Not being a mechanical guru like some of the people here, I will only post where I see I can add something of value or experience.
Thanks again to Rick and good luck to all.

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