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email me at [email protected] with any questions. Assume I have not read anything sent to me except by email for the past few days.

Snakin69, ntechnic,jdub03,jhwalker, maoun, 03_snake, ox03,03_sonic blur, RedHotSnke, Angel's 2003, 3 cars from B&D Racing, bmWalker's race-ready 240sx ---- are all heading out on 3/22. Should be at least 9 or 10 2003 Cobras and all others are welcome. (if we have talked in the past 2-3 days and your name is omitted, it will be here soon) I'll post the schedule of dyno times later this week.

It's a partay -- food, drink, hood blanket mods, poking at each other's dyno pulls... Video, still pics, sound.
Guaranteed times are pretty well locked up, but I'm sure there will be openings during the day, early morning 9:00 -- 11:30 has some gaps still. Noon on is pretty loaded up.

Dyno Day at BottleBlown Racing in Camarillo -- 30 seconds off the 101 free way. A chance to meet other 2003 owners and compare dyno pulls and mods.
$75 per car, 3 pulls with A/F on a Superflow 840 Dual Eddy Current & MoTec Wideband AutoDyn Chassis Dyno. Capacities exceed 1000+ hp and 200 mph (should cover us ...)
LOCATION 167 Aviador, Camarillo CA 93012 Exit on Central Ave.
Look at for map details.

A couple of us will help with the administrative paperwork -- waivers, etc -- so we let the Mark, the owner, focus on the dyno testing. Bring a floppy and an additional $5.00 for a disk if you want your numbers to take home and analyze.

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