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I have for sale my 4.6 4V to 5.4 4V supercharger kit

1- H122 take out 07 GT500 supercharger with throttle body and CAI
2- "brand new" lower intake form 03/04 terminator
3- "brand new" upper adapter plate from M112 to H122
4- "brand new" lower intake to head adapter from 03/04 terminator to NAVI heads
5- intercooler
6- all bolts, gaskets and hardware kit
7- 03/04 terminator thermostat housing with hoses
8- 03/04 terminator coolant crossover pipe
9- COBRA oil cooler adapter
10- 03/04 fuel rail with injectors
11- "brand new" remote mount Idle air control valve adapter
12- "brand new" Aeromotive Stealth 340LPH E85 fuel pump
13- "brand new" 8 EV-1 to EV-14 adapters
14- "brand new" 60# racing injectors
15- free shipping(lower 48)

asking 3,500

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