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Ever since I swapped the cobra drivetrain into my mach 1, I've never 60'ed better than 1.68. With the mach engine and nitrous, I cut many low 1.5x 60s. The extra 130#s on the nose really screwed up the balance/weight transfer. I added lower control arms and an air bag but things are going in the wrong direction. Can't seem to cut better than 1.7x now.

I don't want coilovers nor do I want to spend the money for k-member kit to reduce front-end weight. I'd like to swap the springs out for something with a lighter rate but also keep the vehicle somewhat capable on the street (yes, stopping is important.)

I was looking at the 93 coupe 4-cylinder springs with a 400# rate but read folks claiming a 1.5" drop in front. I don't want to lower the front end anymore from stock so also considering V6 springs from a 2000 automatic mustang. They also have a 400# rate but they're a little taller. If the car drops a 1/2 inch, no prob, but more than that is unacceptable.

Any ideas?
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