4.6L Modular Ford Turbocharged Race Engine/Parts

Teksid Aluminum Block
Pro Mod 94mm Ball Bearing Precision Turbo
Turbonetics “Godzilla” Blow Off Valve
4 valve heads with stainless valves - complete with cams, valvetrain, and timing chains
Hogan’s sheet metal intake manifold with Accufab throttle body (no injectors)
Weldon EFI Fuel Regulator – Part # 2040-281-A-120
Valve Covers
ATI Balancer
JW Performance Flywheel
Motor Plate/Mounts
ARP Studs & Fasteners
JE Pistons – 3514F
Eagle Steel H-beam Rods
Ford Crankshaft – has been machined and lightened
Water Pump Block Off Plate

Also included:
(2) NEW Spare JE Pistons – 3514F
(2) USED Spare JE Pistons – 3514F
(7) JE Pistons – 89M
(5) NEW Spare wrist pins
(2) NEW Spare Eagle H-beam Rods
NEW and USED Bearings
(1) USED Crankshaft

All Parts Listed Above - $8,500. Call or text 205-657-7560.