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Hey guys! I'm in the process of building a 4.6 3V for my '93 Notch. It should make over 400 whp, so I thought I'd let you follow along as that's relevant to your cars. Here is a video of the car making over 380 whp:

4.6 3V Notch

I'm going to be making videos of the build process, the first of which I've posted here:

Build Prep

I'll have the cylinder head build video up in a couple of days, it will lay out how to blueprint these heads correctly. I'm doing some interesting things with the short block that are cost effective and add power. I've also made a set of 4-2-1 NASCAR style headers for it that I've yet to test, so there will be a few fun unkowns.

I used to be active on this forum a long time ago under the user name "Mod Motor Maniac". Unfortunately I no longer have access to the email address associated with that account, so I've made a new one. Thought I'd let you know since I've obviously just signed up.

Let me know if you have any questions!
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