FAQ about cost on '05-'06 Mustang kit

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    Icon5 FAQ about cost on '05-'06 Mustang kit

    Lately one frequently asked question is "Why are the '05-'06 Mustang GT Kenne Bell kits is more expensive than the competition."

    The features are listed on our website. One consideration that should not be overlooked in comparison is how complete the kit is, supercharger size, and does it have to be custom tuned? We've had reports of other kits ultimately costing more than a Kenne Bell once the "extras" are added on. Kenne Bell kits are sold complete with 1) a passenger side under the bumper cool air system from throttle body to filter. 2) 90mm Lightning mass air meter. 3) and SCT flash tuner Kenne Bell calibrated for 8-11 psi and 4) a higher cost larger displacement 2.4l billet supercharger with 950 hp potential. There is no expensive custom tuning required with our kits even with the addition of headers, exhaust, and x-pipe. Only if exceeding 500 hp, where the Lightning meter maxes out is "retuning" necessary.

    So when comparing kits, one should first price out the additional parts required to complete the kit and the cost of tuning this combination.

    Thank you,
    Kenne Bell

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    Default Re: FAQ about cost on '05-'06 Mustang kit

    I called today and was told by the salesman that the 2.6 H was only good for 800 horsepower and that there is no plan to offer a 2.8

    I wanted to switch to a pd blower for my shop car wich currently makes 750 rwhp on boost alone with a novie 2k .. will the 2.6H support over 750 rwhp ?

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    Default Re: FAQ about cost on '05-'06 Mustang kit

    yea but motor is only good for 9 psi max is what you emailed me

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    Default Re: FAQ about cost on '05-'06 Mustang kit

    Quote Originally Posted by wifesgt View Post
    yea but motor is only good for 9 psi max is what you emailed me
    yeah the stock motor but I seriously doubt he has a stock motor in his car making 750 rwhp

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