Billet or Cast Supercharger case

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    Icon1 Billet or Cast Supercharger case

    Both cast aluminum and billet supercharger cases are used on superchargers and they've both been used with great success on superchargers.

    Our 15 years of experience with superchargers tells us the billet aluminum case is stronger and more stable as it is less prone to flexing and fatiguing from high rpm boost pressure and heat. It allows us to maintain more consistent rotor to case clearances.

    Finally, Jim Bell has a personal preference for billet over cast on everything we do at Kenne Bell. Besides the higher durability he likes the appearance and image of billet parts and products. One of the quotes goes like this "If billet and forged parts weren't better than cast, then a lot of people wasted their money for the last 50 years on rocker arms, crankshafts, rods, pistons, gears etc.

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    Default Billet or Cast

    Pardon my ignorance. As I am a noob. Doesn't the Billet case hold more heat than the Cast case ? That's what I was told. And don't know who to beleive, Mike

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