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i have a 2003 lincoln towncar,
it has a 4G alternator factory (black back plate), i ordered a new alternator from a company that told me a G6 is a better alternator and all i needed to do was put the plug and wire in the new one,

he explained all i had to do was line the wires up with the old plug and wire up the new one example

l l
( 1 2 3)

on the 4g 1 would be yellow with a green strip
2 green with a puple strip
3 yellow with white strip

l l
(1 2 3)

6G 1 green
2 white
3 yellow

so i put the 1 with the 1 the 2 with the 2 and the 3 with the 3 ... when i started my car my voltage shot up to over 16 volts... so im guessing i have a wire crossed.

can anyone help me with info on what wire does what.. so i can fix this!!?

thanks guys..

both alts are computer controled
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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