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One of the wire harnesses to the tranny is different. Your 4R70W uses a 10 pin connector (#183) with three slots not used to control the shift solenoids. The 4R100 uses a 12 pin connector (#193) with three slots not used to control the solenoids.

Both use the following common circuits; 1138 Vehicle power, 359 Sensor return, 480 TTC control solenoid, 923 TFT, 925 EPC solenoid, 237 SSA, 315 SSB. The 4R100 also has the following two extra circuits that the 4R70W doesn't have. An extra 1138 Vehicle power and 924 Coast Clutch Solenoid. The 4R100 also uses a turbine shaft speed sensor and the 4R70W doesn't. As far as bolting up the 4R100 will bolt up.

I ran across this in my search on 4r 100 transmission swaps into F-150. My current project truck is in a 03 Super Crew four-wheel drive king ranch with a custom built 5.4 lighting and Whipple supercharger. The engine has not been installed yet it is still being assembled and I own a built 4r100 transmission with 2600 stall converter and a new crossmember mount. I am interested in finishing the build. But wanted to know if you know of anyone that has a kit for the computer swap or the exact part numbers needed to do the swap properly from ford or is there an aftermarket option.
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