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I have jumped the mod motor ship so this has to go. Very trick, custom aluminum oil pan for 4v motor. Holds almost 12 quarts of oil, I usually fill it with 11 qts. This added capacity gives you tons of headroom and no worries of running the pan dry at high RPM with high volume oil pumps like the Melling, MMR, etc. The best part is that the pan is stock depth, and uses the stock pickup, and also uses the stock dipstick (and it's accurate) - very trick. Has a -12 fitting welded to the front for turbo oil return line - could just be capped if your car is not a turbo setup. Also has an AN cap on the rear for quick draining.

Had no oil control issues on my car going 8.30's

These are pics of when the pan was brand new. I just need to clean it up and its ready to go.


Please PM if interested.

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