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I’ve done a lot of searching but just feel confused now. I’m putting together my 4v WAP from my Mach 1. It is boosted and was built with 10 over diamond 11.5 cc pistons (notched fir valve relief) (9.2-9.4 CR), H
beam rods, stock heads, cams and intake. Kellogg crank. It also has 80 lb injectors, 03-04 Cobra tank swap with oem pumps and a boost a pump too.

I’m currently in the process of degreeing them but just can’t get a solid answer on what I should set them too.

It’s mainly meant to be a street car with occasional drag strip runs. I want to improve torque and have the boost come in sooner. Not looking for a lopey idle and just want to optimize the package I have.

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