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debating changing my setup. if this kit sells i will, if not i'll go thru with my current plan.

On3 4v 2nd gen(forward-facing headers) hotside. all new, never ran.
Hellion coldside w/ Godspeed intercooler. also all new, never ran.
1900, no turbo included. otherwise complete.

80mm BILLET WHEEL Comp Turbo. .96 A/R turbine standard journal bearing, water cooled. cost 2200 new. also new, never mounted. this was spec'd to spool by ~3500 on a stock '03 Cobra.
Turbochargers Comp Turbo - CT43-8079 Standard
1700 for turbo.

3400 for whole setup.

also have a VMP HPX maf w/ p&p harness, FRPP 80# injectors, and a Glenn's single pump return-style setup w/ 98-04 sumped tank i can work in a deal. injectors are the only thing lightly used, all else new.

i do not take paypal. money order/cashier's check fine. or personal check(will ship after it clears). i have plenty of feedback on many sites. no worries. it will all be ready to ship by beginning of next week(have to go to my family's shop to get it all).
1 - 3 of 4 Posts
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