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I have a 5.4L Aussie Boss manifold for sale (pics of my actual item are at the bottom)
These fit the 5.4L navigator heads.
They are very similar to the 2000 Cobra R intake.
Aussie manifold on left, cobra on right (this pic is a comparison pic sourced online. [Its is not my own pic, nor do I have a cobra intake for sale.] These are the lower manifolds only).

Table Automotive design Gas Automotive tire Desk

They are as used from the 5.4L Boss 260/290 4V DOHC engines used in Australia.
I personally had 333HP at the wheels, using just bolt ons, and a stock camshaft.

Price includes the upper and lower manifold, bolts and fuel rail.
Luggage and bags Automotive lighting Bag Bumper Gas
White Automotive lighting Automotive tire Gas Automotive design
Bicycle part Personal protective equipment Auto part Bicycle drivetrain part Font
Tool Automotive exterior Bicycle part Font Bumper
Automotive exhaust Automotive lighting Font Gas Automotive air manifold

$995 USD
No fuel injectors or throttle body included.
Paypal payment is great. Shipping to the Continental US included in the price. If there is enough interest I will keep my eye out for more.

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Do you have a spare Boss name plate, either 260 or 290 or whatever? I never got one. Price if available.
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