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ok..I finally got my very well done JDM lower custom pulley cage done to except the 6 lb interchangeable pulley system.

I got the belt this morning for this setup and took her out for a spin to see how she does.

19 almost 20 pounds of boost up to 5700rpms and then it drops to 16 17 lbs. and holds up to 6400 rpms. Not bad at all gang! And thats no BS! So the Bump Valve Mod and my mods must be doing something right to hold that kind of boost everytime, even when totally warmed up run after run on the street.

I have the 2 lb and 4 lb lowers also just incase things change in time.

Here is my setup...except I have the stock TB on right now.
Not sure if the BF TB would add alittle boost or not
Hood Vent Mod(Me)
Front Swaybar removed(Me)
9 inch Powerstack(SFP)
CAI cover(Amazon Racing)
2.80 Upper Pulley(JDM)
6 lb Lower Pulley(JDM)(custom lower pulley cage)
19.5 lbs of Boost till 5700rpms(16.5 till 6400 rpms)
Gates Belt (774)
DIABLOSPORT Chip (Nitrous Pete)
NGK TR6 plugs(Nitrous Pete)
100 mm idler pulley(SFP)
BilletFlow Upper Pulley Wrap Idler(Nitrous Pete)
BilletFlow 100mm and 92mm Billet Idler Pullies
Bassani Exhaust(no cats)
Nitto Drags 315-35-17(Downs Ford)
AutoMeter Boost Gauge(Downs Ford)
Bump Valve Mod(Nitrous Pete)
BilletFlow Throttlebody/Plenum(Nitrous Pete)"stock TB now"
Headers Bassani Mid-Length
Steeda Tri-Ax Shifter(Nitrous Pete)
Steeda Adj. Clutch Quad/Firewall(Nitrous Pete)
Compucar Nitrous System(Nitrous Pete)

Because of the added power and the g forces pushing back on the rear tires...the car actually grips better...and yes..I do have the rear swaybar off the car too.

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Nice setup bubba. I too am thinking about the lower system, so you recommend this system?

Why did you put the stock TB back on, if I may ask? :D

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MineralGray03 said:
Nice setup bubba. I too am thinking about the lower system, so you recommend this system?

Why did you put the stock TB back on, if I may ask? :D

Stock TB is on because Doug is helping with some mods to it. The stock one is working fine for now, I must say. With it being on and off so much...the computer sure is doing its job to update.

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FYI......I went out tonight in the car in the much colder air and the boost was a solid 20 lbs up to 5700 rpms and dropped to 17.5 till 6400 rpms. So the colder air does effect our boost level for the better.

I used a juice shot from 3500 rpms in third to 6400 rpms and the boost stayed at 20 lbs and didnt drop until 6100 rpms and when it dropped it only dropped a pound. I think this blower sure does like cold cold air. That was when the motor was well in the normal operating temperature too.

I am only running a 40 awesome!

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