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hey guys, We have spent over $2500 so far, and just got the transmission in the car.
My question is, does anybody with a 1994-1998-2004 (?) know what is the easiest thing to do
for the correct driveshaft?
IT has to have been done many times by many people, and I can't
really find any pertinent info. I have my stock 2016 5.0 GT driveshaft, and 1998 factory Cobra
driveshaft. Was just gonna measure with wheels on the ground and get a local shop to cut &
splice these together, and balance. It can't be solid, but I am concerned about not enough give/slide/flex
to make it nice, strong & reliable. As you know, the 1994-2004s have splined end that "slides" in & out
of back of the transmission, and bolts solid to rear. The 6R80s are solid mounted firm to the back of the
trans yoke, and have a joint, as well as 2 piece shaft assembly that gives some flex etc to the shaft, as it bolts
solid into the rear yoke as well. Any thoughts or advice from those who have done it. I have emailed a few
reputable shops that have done it.....and nobody replies back with what or how to make it work & correct?
They say custom shaft... IF it is that simple as putting the correct ends on a driveshaft, that would be great.
We are just worried about it being too tight, or too loose...

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks, Chuck & Chase in lower DE. 98 Cobra hoping to go from
breaking t45s running 11.teens to 10.60s with an on boost launch and trick 6R80 trans putting in work.

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I am really interested in this. Mechanically, you WILL need a slide adjustability of some sort. Unless you swap to an IRS, that is. I don't know what they have for the power since that's usually a front DS style on only 4wd. Interesting.

What interests me more is, what re you controlling the engine and trans with for tuning? I have a 98 Cobra engine setup with a 4R70W that is being controlled with a Mark VIII pcm but I need something more for when I put the blower back on. I don't know of a system for Cobra's with an auto that's computer controlled. Please tell...
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