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    My father always tells me "drive fast and take chances" so I race anyone I could find.

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    when I get the vampire look Ill run. lol

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    The judge made me park my Black '93 Cobra for a year. This was in '95. My brother had a Red '91 GT at the time, we had installed police band scanners in both our cars and had hand-held walkie-talkies so we could talk to each other while we were being chased. One of us would get the cops to chase us for a while, then peel off and the other one would take over and get chased for a while. The confusion on the police scanner was hilarious. Nothing lasts forever, I got caught racing an IROC and the police finally had that Black Mustang they had been looking for. The only thing that saved my butt was the fact the guy in the IROC didn't have a driver's license. The judge made a deal with us that if I helped dude get his license back (loan him $1000) and he had me paid back by the time we went back to court, he would drop the drag racing charges down to reckless driving. Then he turned to me and told me because I was the guy they had been looking for, I had to park my Mustang for 11/29 or go to jail for 11/29. If I got caught driving it during my probation, it was 11/29 in jail for me. I went home and put my brand new '93 Cobra up on jacks. For a year. Battery disconnected, wheels off, car cover in place. I was living in an apartment at the time, I had the coolest coffee table on the planet - four '93 Cobra wheels under glass.

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    Not usually
    My 'Street racing' has usually been confined to getting up to the speed limit 5 or 10 car lengths ahead of traffic when leaving a stop light only to 'lose' to that chevy Cobalt who comes flying past me at 75 in a 40 2 miles from the stop light.
    Although once I was goaded by a 2011 srt Challenger that hammered the gas off a stop light and I didn't realize we were racing until he hit second gear.
    I got him by 4th at 135 and then realizing that we were in a 35 mph zone I shut it down. The guy on a motorcycle behind us was more exited for my win than I was.

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    Guys , just don't race motorcycles haha , got myself beat by a Kawasaki about one week ago

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    Nope, not worth it need to put up $$

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    My father always tell me: "Drive slow and stay alive"...

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    I have no plan to do street racing, although I go to the track sometimes.

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    No, I don't think it is safe. I'm not interested in being involved in an accident.

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