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Muscle Mustangs & Fast Fords Magazine Dec. 2011 has a feature entitled "How To Screw Your Boss" It's Tracy Keller's stock (400 RWHP) Boss 302 vs the same 100% stock car (no NOS, headers, cam etc.) with a KB 3.6LC kit (854 RWHP). That's a gain of 454 HP at 21psi. At 16 psi the HP was 765 - 311 HP.

The same 3.6LC Mammoth kit and motor in the ST Motorsports automatic '11 GT ran a 6.3/115 1/8 mile (9.85/142 1/4 mile) at 21 psi. This weekend, STM will run the car with 26 psi and then it goes on our dyno for race fuel vs E85 tests at 16, 20 and 26 psi. The HP potential of the little 5.0 with the right supercharger kit is truly amazing. We want to determine just how much boost/ HP we can run in these motors with E85. We believe these cars can run 9's with some suspension work on E85 and 16 psi. We'll be testing the stock 11:1 and the 9.5:1 302 crate engine.

Again, Tracy Keller's Boss and the ST Motorsports GT are both 100% stock except the STM car has forged rods and pistons. No headers, cams, NOS "crutch"etc.- through stock cats. Headers, cat removal and bigger cams will, of course, make more HP and will be tested once we've finished the boost tests.
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