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91 SSP Notch, 5spd, AC, Heat, NW Fl area

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91 Notch SSP Car (Former Utah State Trooper Car), 5 Speed, Manual Windows & Locks, Power Mirrors, Ice Cold AC, Heater Works, Sony CD Playey, Sony 6x9's, Sony Door Speakers. Car is blue, was originally white, door jams have been painted blue and under the hood has been painted black. Has blue interior. Factory 3.08 Gears.

Has the original buck tags on the core support stating that it's a Special Service Car for Utah, Relocated Trunk Release Button, Certified Calibration 160 MPH Speedometer, 1 Key Opens the doors, trunk & ignition (passenger door lock has been changed though), Full Size Spare. Even has the original owners manual with the trooper's old business card in it!

Mods are, K&N Panel Filter, UPR Offroad X Pipe, Flowmaster Catback, MSD Blaster Coil, Spec Stage 1 Clutch, White Pony Wheels off of a Special Edition Convertible, Pro Form Electric Fan (on a thermostat and has a manual override switch as well).

The body is straight, has a small circle on the roof where Im guessing a light of some sort used to be? Also has a small circle on the trunklid from where an antenna was. The repaint isnt great, it's not bad until you are up close, spots like the a pillars and areas near trim and stuff have alot of orange peel. The front bumper and some other spots have some chips here and there. Has new head lights with clear corners.

The interior needs to be cleaned, driver seat has some wear but no gangster leans like alot of foxes do, ash tray door is messed up like most of them are. All of the gauges work, the tach is a little slow though, no bouncing speedo like alot of them have. The rear main seal and valve covers are leaking oil (typical 5.0 stuff). The transmission shifts good other than 4th, it has a slight grind going into 4th unless you shift slow, it doesnt fight you into gear or anything, it goes right in. T5's can be picked up cheap, and this one could be sold for a core to offset the price, or just stick a 4th gear synrcho in it. Tail pipes rattle a little because of the UPR X Pipe being for an SN95 car, easy fix, replace the mid pipe, or remove the tail pipes from the catback, going to leave them on for now and let whoever buys the car figure out what they want to do.

Car runs cool, runs strong, has good oil pressure, drives good, the steering is very tight, the doors do NOT sag, and close very tight & solid, still has the front sway bar on it, previous owner drove it 100 miles round trip daily with no issues, super reliable. Only reason Im looking to sell is because I have a couple of cars I am interested in, and need the cash from this to get one of them.

It's dirty in the pics from the rain last night, all it needs is a simple cleaning, would have done it today but it got too late and I wanted to get pics before it got too dark. Will look alot better shined up!

Clean title, $4500, priced for quick sale (could fix a few minor things and sell for a bit more!), I really like driving the car, just found something else I want more, so this has to go. If it doesnt sell soon, I will just keep it. If SERIOUSLY interested, pm me your number. Located near Pensacola, Fl, Mapquest it if you are unsure how far away you are.

I really dont want to, but MAY possibly trade for a 94-98 Cobra (no red cars please) or possibly for a yellow 94-95 or 98 5 Speed GT. Would really prefer the cash to get this other car I want though! For Sale/Notch1.jpg For Sale/Notch-2.jpg For Sale/Notch-3.jpg For Sale/Notch-4.jpg For Sale/Notch-5.jpg For Sale/Notch-6.jpg For Sale/Notch-7.jpg For Sale/Notch-8.jpg For Sale/Notch-9.jpg For Sale/Notch-10.jpg For Sale/Notch-11.jpg For Sale/Notch-12.jpg For Sale/Notch-13.jpg For Sale/Notch-14.jpg For Sale/Notch-15.jpg For Sale/Notch-16.jpg For Sale/Notch-17.jpg For Sale/Notch-18.jpg For Sale/Notch-19.jpg For Sale/Notch-20.jpg
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