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Friday night i was hanging out w/ some fellow Mustang owners. One of my close friends has a 92 LX w/ a built 331(w heads, cam, etc..) He asked if me if i wanted to run so he could see what my Cobra could do. He was on Nitto drag radials and i was on F1's. We raced 2 different times. Once from a stop and once from a 30 mph roll. The first race from a stop. He hooked up and got about 2 cars ahead while i was spinning through 2nd. I finally get traction and go into 3rd and im beside him and pulling away by the time i am into 4th im about 4-5 cars away from him and shut it down. The race from a roll was a no contest. I pulled away BIG TIME! Afterwards he congratulated me and told me it was time for him to get a blower.

Last night, i went to a local hang out where all my street racing buds go to race. Im there about an hour when a group of people walk up and asked who owns the Cobra. I told them it was mine and they asked if i wanted to run a red mustang. I didnt hesitate to say yea. We left to go to the spot. As i pull up the guy who wanted run was another friend of mine. There were so many red mustangs out there i didnt know which one i was racing. Hes a pretty cool guy and has told me before what he has done. 306, heads, cam and a 150 shot. We raced from a stop the 1st time. As the flag guy dropped his arms were off. I actually hooked up this time. I learned my lesson from Friday night so i heated them up alittle befofre we ran. We are neck and neck as i shift into 2nd. I slowly start pulling away at the end of second going into 3rd. By the time i hit 4th im out 3-4 cars and pulling. I have no idea at what mph i let off but it didnt matter. I pulled back up and his friends say that he wants to run from a 30 mph roll. I obliged. We got steady at 30 mph and i let him hit it. Im in 2nd and am staying right w/ him until i hit 3rd i start pulling away. I am going into 4th and he is aways back. So i let off. I pull back up to him and he said he lost his clutch and so he let off. We come back up to our hangout and the whole time i heard nothing but excuses. So i told him get snother clutch back in, have the bottle filled and the car right by FEB 23rd. Test-nTune at Darlington Dragway. I just hope ill be ready then.

And what do you know i left my DAMN camera at home!!!!!!!!! DOH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sorry for the long post but i had to tell ya'll. thanks Jamie
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