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93 Mustang Notch Roller, FS in NW Florid

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Friend of mine had this car in 06, it got traded, I bought it, sold the roller to a buddy of mine and he just got it running recently and now I have it again after some trading.

93 Mustang Notch Rolling Chassis, Original 5.0 Car, no motor or trans, Calypso with rare Black Interior.

QA1 Tubular K Member
Energy Suspension Motor Mounts
UPR Coilover Conversion w/ 175LB Springs on the Front
Kaenen Cowl Hood
New Manual Rack
UPR Billet Caster & Camber Plates
Subframe Connectors Welded In
Stock 8.8 w/ 3.55's & Trac Lok
Centerline Warriors w/ MT Sportsmans Fronts & Bald 275/50/15 MT Drag Radials on the Rear
Battle Boxes on the Lowers (might have them on the uppers too, havent looked)
Aftermarket Upper & Lower Control Arms (unsure of brand, look like BBK's?)
Chrome Radiator Hold Down
BBK Clutch Quadrant & BBK Firewall Adjuster & BBK Adjustable Clutch Cable
Sumped Fuel Tank
Autometer Shift Light in the AC Vent
B&M Line Lock (brand new, never been used, still needs to be wired in)
Billet Specialties Battery Hold Down (designed for an Optima, car doesnt have Optima currently)
Battery Relocated to Trunk
Aftermarket Rear Springs (unsure of brand, they are red though)
New front Calipers & Master Cylinder with 512 miles on them
New Ball Joints & Polyurethane Bushings in the A Arms with 512 miles on them
Polyurethane Transmission Crossmember Bushings

Car was last setup for carburetor, has carbureted style throttle cable and there is no efi pump.

The black interior parted out will sell for over $1000 on Ebay alone! Car has rebuilt title, looks like it got it in 94 when it was still almost new according to Carfax. The body isnt the greatest, has roof damage which has been primered over, looks like a hood flew up on it at some point in it's life. The driver door has some waves, car has some SMALL dings here and there. It needs some help cosmetically but it IS a notch, it is very light, it does have a title unlike most of the race car only stuff being sold out there and it does have alot of good parts on it already.

If you have access to a body man, it wouldnt be that bad to fix up or leave it like it is, put a badass motor in it and start calling people out! It wont take much power to move this light mofo! Interior is in pretty good shape, the ash tray door even still works! Car has 5 speed pedal assembly in it. The parking light wasnt bolted in worth a damn and fell out on my friend, I might be able to find one laying around somewhere.

$2400 obo, might take partial trade for various performance parts (5.0, 4.6, LT1, LS1), or maybe different semi automatic handguns.

Car is located in Pace, Florida, which is near Pensacola, 32571 if you want to Mapquest it.

Pic links below! For Sale/Notch1.jpg For Sale/Notch2.jpg For Sale/Notch3.jpg For Sale/Notch4.jpg For Sale/Notch5.jpg For Sale/Notch6.jpg For Sale/Notch7.jpg For Sale/Notch8.jpg For Sale/Notch9.jpg For Sale/Notch10.jpg

Here is an old interior pic, it now has a 87-89 non airbag steering wheel and has the knee bolster under the dash in it.
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