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94 MK VIII Teksid into 67 Fairlane

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I recently acquired my 67 Fairlane and shortly thereafter a 94 MK VIII with high miles but in running condition. I've read about some similar swaps on the forum but none specific to the 67 Fairlane. I'm in the research and planning phase now.
The donor runs ok but has 214,xxx miles. Planning to rebuild at least the top end and timing set. Considering bottom end honing, bearings, etc. Planning to use as much as possible from the Lincoln.
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Those early Cobra intake cams are worth some power.
cast crank should be fine for NA. Forged might be better for boost.
That is going to be a sweet project. I was wondering did the Lincoln with the b.heads eventually put the throttle body in the center of the manifold. It would be easier to do a swap. I have three manifolds and they all have it in the back.
The 2nd Gen Lincolns did move the TB to the middle location.
1 - 3 of 59 Posts