New Never Used

$250 Eagle Cast Iron 3.75in Stroker Crankshaft
$500 Eagle Forged Stroker Connecting Rods/ARP 2000 Rod Bolts
$250 Modmax Hypereutectic Pistons 9:1 Compression 3.582in Bore/Moly Piston Rings (Also Have a 10.5:1 Set)
$20 OEM Front/Rear Main Seals
$20 OEM Oil Pan Gasket
$30 BBK Exhaust Manifold Gaskets/Bolts
$50 AJE 4.6/5.4 Motor Mounts
$20 Ford Performance Pilot Bearing
$60 Smoked Tail Lights
$50 Napa Brake Lines
$30 OEM Front Springs

Used With 40k Of Usage Unless Otherwise Noted

$50 Stock 4.6 Complete Rotating Assembly
$100 Windsor Trickflow Valve Covers
$20 Timing Chains/Tensioners/Crank Sprocket/Trigger Wheel
$20 Oil Pump/Pick-Up Tube
$10 Crank Pulley
$10 Rear Main Seal Housing
$20 Oil Pan
$10 Oil Filter Housing
$100 Radiator/Fan/Hoses/Tank (Has Only 1k Miles On Radiator/Hoses)
$20 Exhaust Manifolds (EGR Provision Welded Shut/One Stud Thread Is Damaged But Replaced It With Bolt/Nut Works Fine)
$40 Smoked Head Lights
$20 Smoked Center Brake Light
$50 Front Calipers (Has Only 2k Miles)
$20 Tensioner/Pulleys/Accessory Belt (Has Only 2k Miles On Belt)
$30 A/C Delete Pulley (Has Only 1k Miles)
$30 Water Pump/Pulley/Crossover Pipe
$20 Alternator
$60 Power Steering Pump/Tank/Bracket (Has Only 2k Miles On Pump)
$20 Fuel Rails/Pressure Sensor/Regulator
$20 AEM Cold Air Intake